Culver City Friends of the Library
Culver City Julian Dixon Library
4975 Overland Avenue
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 559-1676


Library Centennial Renovation Project Donors

Bobbie and Jim Abood
Kenneth and Crystal Alexander
Allan Anderman
Wanda Anesh
The Baine/Mead Family
Michael and Ruth Berry
The Baxendale Family
Jessica Beagles-Roos and Ken Roos
Mitchell and Judy Blake
Louis and Jeanette Block, in memory of Jeanette Block
Shirley Chami and Daniel Kerson
Margaret Clamage
Jim B. Clarke
Mr. And Mrs. Robert Clarkson
Deborah Corwin and Neil Nusbaum
L. Frakes, in honor of George and Kay Frakes
Lise and David Friedman
Alice Gardello
The Giza Family
Anrold E. Glick, in memory of Josie Zoretich
Jerry and Margaret Gottschalk
In honor of Sami, Jessi and Casey Kharasch
Dave and Diana Hauptman
In memory of Jesse A. Craig, love, your wife, Valerie
Steven and Elaine Hirohama
Paul and Joy Jacobs
Nora Jones
Paul Kahn and Nancy Sandler Kahn
In memory of Jean and Richard J. Krause
John and Nancy Kuechle
Ken, Ine, Kasey and Kira Kutcher
George and Michael Laase
Phoebe Liebig
Julie Lugo Cerra
David and Mary Lyon
Diana Martin
In memory of Curt and Ann Mattern
The McNamara family
Mary Menzel, in memory of Reva Dozier
John Riordan
In memory of Cathleen Wells and Eleanor Harburton
Joanne Seltzer and Steven Margoles, in honor of Frances Lee Seltzer
Linda Shahinian and Herb Schiff
Dana Russell and Marci Shulman
Sony Pictures Entertainment, in honor of Janice Pober
Idele Stapholtz and Family in memory of Benjamin Stapholtz
Dorothy B. Steiner, in honor of Michael Masliah
Diane and Paul Taylor
Jacque Lyne Wallace
Nancy J. Watson, in memory of Frank and Ruth Watson
John and Hazel White In memory of Del Stanton


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